Funeral Flower Preservation

Memorial FlowersWhat do we do?

We specialise in flower preservation and can create a personal tribute to your loved one with our bespoke design service. Each design is unique and every frame is handmade to order.

We can preserve individual flowers or entire funeral tributes, your loved ones favourite flowers or flowers from their garden.

These are mounted in a deep box frame of your choice which can also include other personal items, for example:

  • a lock of hair
  • a poem
  • a small trinket
  • a toy
  • a photograph.

How do we do it?

Every flower is freeze dried individually. Once fully dry we arrange them in your handcrafted box frame, along with any personal items you wish to add. The frame is then sealed to ensure your flowers remain dust free.

How long will it take?

Flowers vary in the length of time they take to preserve depending on the variety and colour. Your tribute will usually be ready in 12 to 14 weeks.

What flowers can be preserved & will they stay the same colour?

All flowers can be preserved; the end result varies due to the type of flower and the colour.

Most flowers change to a paper like texture and take on a matt finish.

Every flower is unique; this makes it impossible to guarantee the end colour result. Generally pink flowers dry darker towards shades of red, white flowers become creamy in colour, yellow, orange, purple and true blue flowers keep their colour well.

Please call us to discuss individual flower types.

Design ideas

Please see our gallery for design ideas and call us to discuss ways we can help.

We are able to preserve everything from single flowers to whole funeral tributes.

What next?

Call or email us to talk through your requirements and arrange to bring your flowers to us.

Our preservation studio is in North Fambridge, Essex and easily accessible from London, Kent, Hertfordshire and Suffolk.

Visits are by appointment only.

If you’re not local we are able to offer a nationwide courier service at a fixed low cost although there is always a risk of damage to the flowers in transit and we always recommend hand delivery where ever possible.